Case Study

Scope of Work

MicroLumen, Inc. is the international leader in the manufacture of high-performance medical and surgical tubing. Allen Harris Design expanded MicroLumen branding to reflect the company’s growth from a startup to a worldwide manufacturer. AHD created a brand identity, brand manual, print collateral, signage, photography and website and continues to expand and support these initiatives for MicroLumen.


MicroLumen began as a small B2B company with an impressive niche product. Its high-performance medical tubing needed a brand identity, logo design and sales materials for the marketplace. The company relied on offline print materials and trade show exhibitions to communicate.

As MicroLumen grew, so did their need for comprehensive branding and an online presence. The branding and messaging needed to grab the attention of medical device OEMs and showcase how the products match the demands of their high-performance medical devices.

MicroLumen Mini Pocket Folder with Capabilities and Business card slits and gusset for tube samples.


MicroLumen tubing is microscopic in size and difficult to see with the naked eye. Their products are patented, therefore capturing the product and manufacturing process without revealing proprietary information is a necessity. The brand needed to “wow” a niche market of highly-trained and intuitive medical engineers.

Allen Harris created photography, design and messaging to fulfill their audience’s stringent demand for high quality, high performance and excellent service. Using a camera with a microscopic lens and strategically placed studio lighting, AHD captured the essence of the tubing in extraordinary detail, communicating clearly the properties and performance capabilities.

A sophisticated logo was designed to graphically embody the MicroLumen manufacturing process, which takes polymer from a liquid to a solid form. The logo and photography served as a basis for the new brand identity. To further establish the company’s reputation as an industry leader, branding also included photography of the new MicroLumen headquarters, demonstrating their commitment to cutting-edge development and manufacturing.

About MicroLumen

Founded in 1987, MicroLumen is a leading manufacturer of high-performance medical and surgical tubing, which is used in critical OEM applications, including cardiovascular catheters, stent delivery systems, urological retrieval devices and drug delivery. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and cutting-edge processes, MicroLumen designs, develops and manufactures medical tools that decrease patient treatment costs, reduce recovery times and improve patient outcomes.

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